Lamont Landers-Easy-MP3 download


Lamont Landers-Easy

What’s included:

Lamont Landers-Easy lo res.mp3 low resolution standard mp3

Lamont Landers-Easy-16-44.1.wav standard resolution (CD quality)

Lamont Landers-Easy-24-96.wav hi resolution audio

Lamont Landers-Easy-front cover official artwork


Written by Lamont Landers and Taylor Robinson

Jordan Landers-Vocals, Guitars

Kevin Canada- Hammond B3 Organ

Jeraven Moe Hill-Bass

Bowen Robertson-Drums

Dave Crenshaw-Percussion

Produced and engineered by Jeremy Stephens for 10 Ton Records at Clearwave Recording Studio, Decatur, Alabama

Mastered by Geoff Pesche for 10 Ton Records at Abbey Road Studios, London England