In addition to the best new artists in the world, 10 Ton Records cares about sonic quality. We are a high quality record label for musicians, artists, music lovers and audiophiles. Most of our titles are available in the new Hi-Res Audio™ digital format. This format was chosen by the AES, NAB and the best mastering engineers in the world as the most pristine method to deliver recorded music. With Hi-Res Audio™, the consumer receives an EXACT CLONE of the final master delivered by our mastering engineers and approved by 10 Ton Records. In other words, it is the way it was intended to sound. It preserves the most delicate nuances of our analog masters. Hi-Res Audio™ customers also receive the "convenient" formats (MP3, 16 bit wav) upon purchase. * Due to hardware limitations, Hi-Res Audio™ isn't available for mobile devices. (MAC and PC only)